Team Prolifik

Chris Sutherland
Creative Director

For the love of all things sacred don’t settle for unmemorable mediocrity. Make a brand your employees love, and your customers can’t help but find relevant. It’s not exactly a barrel of laughs out there. lets do the entertaining stuff.

“The power is in your hands.”

Dianne Sutherland
Senior Creative

Before joining the Sutherland clan, Dianne was a princess in the Hungarian empire as a Tapolczay. The Tapolczay’s are well know for their temper and when things aren’t done properly, an anger arises that could slay a saloon of self-aggrandising sailors.

Dianne wears the kilt. If you know what I mean?

Caleb Duffus
Integrated Designer

Evidence that bloodlines are powerful. The Duffus and Sutherland clans echo way back to Scotland (Chum is so chumpy). And like watching a mysterious episode of who the heck are you, our blood ties have resurfaced in Melbourne Australia.

Just like back in Scotland we fight hard, real hard, just not in kilts.